PTB launch 2019

800 people in the room, 14 000 online thanks to !

In 2019, the PTB will send its president Peter Mertens to the Parliament alongside Raoul Hedebouw and Marco Van Hees. On the program of the upcoming campaign? Purchasing power, climate struggle, and unity of the country 💪.


Live International Rugby is proud to have created a virtual stadium and helped to enlarge the visibility of the European Continental Shield Competition!
#Rugby #Sport #Innovation #Livestreaming #Communication #WeLoveOurJob on the pitch !

On Saturday, our team live streamed an international rugby match for the Belgian Rugby Union and the European Continental Shield competition! After 24h, more than 5000 viewers saw the transmission of the match between the Italian team of Argos Petrarca and the Belgium Barbarians XV. And the video remains on the Belgian Rugby Union Facebook page. 


Facebook Lives for CGTN

We are the official partner of the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN, aka CCTV) in Europe. It is probably the biggest TV channel worldwide, with an audience of 500,000,000 viewers (sometimes more) per report !

Like every television channel, CGTN is now investing a lot in its web visibility. Anywhere on the field, journalists are asked to produce extra content for the website and the social media. Since 2017, WeSTREAM is developing a the best mobile solutions to help them improve social interactivity and build their community. Here you can see the Brussels correspondant Mariam Zaidi in a 30 minute Facebook live streamed by Hugues Wajnzstok during a EU summit, and a special report from the EU DEV DAYS.


European Week of Regions and Cities 2018

Organised by the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions, the event has grown over the years into the key event on EU Regional Policy. It welcomes some 6.000 participants from 70 countries in October each year : local, regional, national and European decision-makers and experts, for more than 100 workshops and debates, exhibitions and networking opportunities.

During four days, team broadcasted two interviews per day simultaneously on several social networks. Added value for the client ? Maximising the audience of the event! Thanks to our skilled operators and their fantastic cinematic equipment, we were able to catch guests for live interviews on the fly !


Live Broadcast for CGTN

WeSTREAM is using the latest technology for live broadcasting. IP transmissions are affordable and reliable for all TV stations. WeSTREAM is the official partner in Brussels for the Chinese television CGTN.

WeSTREAM is an integrated video agency, we cover the full spectrum of video creation : from the production, to the live delivery, from the cinematography to the editing. From our office in the Brussels EU area, we are always ready to start a live transmission. Here you can see correspondant Mariam Zaidi in a live news broadcasting for CGTN.


Festival Manifiesta 2018

Comme chaque année au mois de septembre, Bredene accueille le festival Manifiesta. Dans une ambiance internationaliste survoltée, les groupes musicaux se succèdent, entrecoupés de débats politiques passionnés : Asian Dub Foundation, Seun Keuti & Egypt 80, Leïla Huissoud, La Pegatina, Chilla, Jaune Toujours, Apostrof, Los Fastidios...

Nos équipes ont été chargées de diffuser en direct sur Facebook le moment central du festival. 8000 personnes non présentes sur place ont ainsi pu assister à 1h30 de programme "comme si ils y étaient".