Ecological impact

WeSTREAM wants to make reforestation a part of our business model. We collaborate with NGO “One Tree Planted” to plant 40 trees for each of our projects. Want your business to do something great for the environment? Partner with us and start planting trees around the world! 


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 
― Chinese proverb

Good for the earth, good for karma! The trees help to enrich soil, absorb carbon, and create clean air and water, AND they produce food, which also helps with food security and economic benefits to local communities 🌿

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Why ghana ?

Ghana’s rapid deforestation has been driven by agricultural expansion (largely for cocoa), wood harvesting for energy, population growth, gold mining and timber lobby groups. Inefficient and corrupt management of forest resources has led to over-exploitation, resulting in degraded forests that are more susceptible to wildfire and flooding. The Memory Tree Initiative is aiming to plant 50,000 trees in Ghana. Planting will be focused in the northern regions, known as the Savannah regions, where desertification is fast approaching due to its proximity to the Sahara. Improving forest health in these areas will help stabilize climate and restore nutrients to the soil, as well as creating a positive social impact. 

One Tree Planted

“One Tree Planted” is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that plants trees around the world through a network of incredible on-the-ground, hands-in-the-dirt partner organizations and with support from donors and business partners.